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Welcome to the website of WPJF

WPJF is an independent, autonomous, non-party-political organisation. Our vision is of a just and peaceful world. We are a broad-based forum open to all who share our vision, making a difference globally and locally through sharing ideas and information, raising awareness and campaigning.

If you are an individual with an interest in peace and justice issues and agree with our 'vision', we would love to welcome you as a member of our group.

If you are involved in a group that has an interest in peace and justice issues, we would be interested in meeting to discuss ways in which we might co-operate, offer mutual support, build links between our groups bassed on shared interests and focus. There is strength and solidarity in working together and having a collective voice on issues where we share common ground.

WPJF is an independent and autonomous group. We aim to make our decisions by consensus and we have no hierarchical structure. Members are invited to participate in ways and to the extent that they feel able and comfortable. We are interested both in everyday ways in which we can promote peace and justice locally as well as in national and global matters. We are looking to enter dialogues with others with a view to building a culture of peace.

We look forward to hearing from you.