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Career Politicians

Career politicians how they schemed how they lied.
One hundred British soldiers they needlessly died.

Career politicians they just followed like sheep.
The lives of Iraqis meant nothing - they're cheap.

A disgrace to their country a disgrace to mankind.
A more cowardly lot you'd be hard pressed to find.

Shock and awe to the people of far away lands.
Career politicians have blood on their hands.

No threat to our country no WMD.
Just acres of desert where the oil flows free.

Now there's bombs on our buses and bombs on our trains.
While career politicians count their ill-gotten gains.

Charles de Menezes he was shot in the head.
Career politicians sleep safe in their bed.

Old Labour Walter Wolfgang he spoke for us all.
But New Labour thugs dragged him out of the hall.

Have they learned any lessons since all this began?
No - career politicians have their eyes on Iran.

Career politicians may they all rot in hell.
For it's they who awoke the sleeper cell.

Jeff Douglas, January 31st 2006

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