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Demo and Vigil in solidarity with Census Refuser
Wrexham Magistrates Court 11/11/11

Judith Sambrook refused to complete her census form in protest at the involvement of weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin in processing census data. She has been charged and will appear at Wrexham Magistrates Court on 11th November at 10.00am. Judith, a single parent from Shrewsbury who is on dialysis three days a week, plans to continue her resistance by refusing to pay any fine imposed and is prepared to go to prison if necessary. There will a demonstration and vigil at the magistrates court and at the war memorial in Wrexham:


- against war, weapons manufacturers and the arms trade, and against Lockheed Martin in particular
- in solidarity with Judith and all census refusers
- to condemn the criminalisation of conscientious census objectors

As this is also Remembrance Day, we will hold a silent vigil at 11am at the war memorial, which is just 50 yards from the court.

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Download pdf flyer from this link


Lockheed Martin manufactures F-16 fighter jets, as used by Israel to murder civilians in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

Lockheed Martin developed and manufactured Britain's Trident nuclear missiles and has a £5.3 billion contract with the UK government to design and build new and illegal weapons of mass destruction at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment. Report on Muriel Lesters' action (read the footnotes for a summary of Lockheed Martin's Trident credentials)

Lockheed Martin developed the Aegis destroyers which the US is pressurising South Korea to site at a planned naval base on Jeju Island, South Korea. Local peace activists and others have been resisting this move for years, with many detained for occupying the proposed base.
Jeju Island report
Save Jeju Island

Lockheed Martin also manufactures cluster bombs, sells arms to Bahrain and makes surveillance drones used by the UK in Afghanistan.

The Census connection:
Indymedia article
Bristol Indymedia article

More on Lockheed Martin's nefarious activities here:
Corporate Watch on Lockheed Martin

Canadian take on the issues here



World Peace Day Event in Wrexham
Wednesday 21 September 11am - 6pm

Llwyn Isaf, (the green behind the Guildhall), between Rhosddu Rd and Chester Street, Wrexham.

Live music all day plus art, crafts, readings, give and take stall, peace picnic
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What is Peace? Come and help us find out. All welcome.

Also, Exhibition: 'Nonviolence Works' all week upstairs in Wrexham Library. After-show party at the Horse & Jockey pub Wed evening.

Read about the background to International Day of Peace on our blog (link in top left-hand corner of this page).

Organisers of these events: Heal the Last Stand; Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum; Wrexham Diocese Faith, Peace & Justice Network; many friends.

20th Anniversary of Gulf War
Stall to remember the child victims of war in Iraq

Members of WPJF and supporters held a stall in Wrexham on Saturday 15 January 2011 to mark the 20th anniversary of the start of US bombing in the Gulf War.

Report here.
Flyer here.
Non-violence Works
Exhibition in Wrexham

This exhibition is at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Regent Street, Wrexham and is open every day from 8.30am to 5pm from 8-22 January 2011. Call in and have a look.

Solidarity vigil with Devonport blockaders
Protesting against nuclear weapons
Report here

Members of Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum held a vigil on Regent Street in Wrexham on 1 November 2010 in solidarity with those blockading the Naval base at Devonport in Plymouth, where Trident nuclear submarines are maintained, repaired and upgraded.

Issue 27 of Wrexham Peace & Justice News out now
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WPJF member arrested on suspicion of theft, but CPS decides (very sensibly) not to prosecute

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Back in the summer, Genny Bove of WPJF was facing a criminal investigation for removing four plastic garden chairs from the skip destined for landfill at a local household 'recycling' centre and refusing to put them back to be trashed and buried in the ground. After a long and costly police investigation into the affair, and a lot of bad publicity for the police and the council, the crown prosecution service eventually decided not to prosecute on the unlikely grounds that there was not enough evidence to give a reasonable chance of conviction. There was loads of evidence as it happens, since Genny had not made any secret of the fact that she removed the chairs from the skip, but a crown court case would have been extremely embarrassing for the police and the council and would have been unlikely to have resulted in a conviction.

Mainstream news reports here, here, here, here and here.

Indymedia reports here, here and here.

Colombian Trade Unionist speaks in Wrexham

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Thanks to Kai Andersen for the picture.

At a meeting in the Memorial Hall on 7 June, Ana Lucia Pinzon spoke about the oppression of trade unionists in Colombia. Ana was visiting Britain on a speaking tour organised by the campaign group Justice for Colombia. She is the leader of the Colombian public sector workers' trade union FENALTRASE and has been at the forefront of anti-privatisation struggles for thirty years. FENALTRASE is the third largest union in Colombia and has had numerous of its members assassinated in recent years. As well as her union work Ana Lucia is also active in human rights campaigns. In 2001 she was the victim of an assassination attempt during which she was shot twice in the back.

Steve Ryan of Wrexham Trades Council and Genny Bove of WPJF also spoke at the meeting.

Demo at Raytheon in support of the Raytheon 9

Click on the picture above to read the indymedia article.

On 4 June, Wrexham Women for Peace and others demonstrated at Raytheon's Broughton factory in support of the Raytheon 9, in court in Belfast on charges of affray and criminal damage for destroying computers at Raytheon's Derry factory in 2006, at a time when Raytheon bombs supplied by the US were being dropped by Israel on civilians in Lebanon. The Raytheon 9 were subsequently acquitted on all charges of criminal damage and affray and are now calling for an investigation by the Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service into Raytheon's activities across the UK to establish whether Raytheon is a criminal enterprise.

The demonstration at Broughton also drew attention to Raytheon's involvement in the Metrix Consortium which is hoping to run the School for Slaughter Military Academy at St Athan.

Report on the Raytheon 9 trial outcome here.

Picnic for Peace on Memorial Day

Click on the picture above to read the indymedia article.

On 26 May, Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum and Wrexham Women for Peace held a picnic for peace in solidarity with all those who were marking Memorial Day in the US with messages of peace. On the same day, our friend Bridie attended an event organised by Veterans for Peace in Portland, Oregon and read out a message of unity and solidarity from Wrexham Peace groups.

March against St Athan Military Academy
Cardiff - Saturday 26 April 2008

Three members of WPJF joined members of Oswestry Coalition for Peace to take part in a demonstration and march against the proposed St Athan military academy.

Reports from the day here, here and here.

Photos here.

Background about St Athan here. The OU connection explained here.

How a new school is going to provide cannon fodder for St Athan here.

Hope not Hate
WPJF at anti-racist, anti-fascist march and rally
12 April 2008, Wrexham

Members of Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum took part in the march and rally organised by Wrexham Trades Union Council in Wrexham, at the end of a week in which four BNP community councillors were returned unopposed in the local elections.

See our blog for a report.

WPJF at Aldermaston
CND 50th anniversary demo: The Bomb Stops Here
Plus Bikes Not Bombs cycle ride

A small group from Wrexham took part in the Bikes Not Bombs cycle ride from London to Aldermaston, joining the group between Slough and Reading, and in the CND demo 'The Bomb Stops Here' at Aldermaston AWE.

Report on our blog.

Vigil to remember Iraq
Marking the 5th anniversary of the invasion

WPJF and Wrexham Women for Peace held a vigil in Wrexham town centre on 19 March to mark the 5th anniversary of the illegal US/UK invasion and occupation of Iraq. Press release here and report here. Photos here.

Hands Off Iraqi Oil Day of Action
at Shell and BP petrol stations and offices

WPJF and Wrexham Women for Peace held a demonstration at the Shell petrol station on the Mold Road in Wrexham on February 23rd as part of the 'Hands Off Iraqi Oil' international day of action. Wrexham reports here and here. Photos here. Other reports from London, Liverpool, Birmingham and the Netherlands.

Action for Burma
at TOTAL petrol stations

As part of global opposition to the links between TOTAL Oil and the Burmese military junta, Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters have been demonstrating at Total Petrol Stations. More information about Burma can be found here.

One demo was held in Ruabon in November. Three demos to date have been held in Hoole, Chester: in early and late January, and in April in support of the Burmese people.

More demonstrations are planned - if there are no dates in our diary, then email Wrexham Women for Peace for more details.

If you want to organise a demo yourself, we can loan banners and placards.

See our diary for future events.